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9:57 p.m. - January 17, 2003
It's shut the fuck up for tonight and go to sleep.
Looked at page 406 and my head thudded and I saved the work and shut down Pagemaker, no more for me tonight. My eyes are closed and with each throb of my head subdued colors flash or maybe it's the glare from the computer screen but despire colors, my eyes are floating and rolling like they do in REM sleep or when one is blind. Is that unsympathetic or somehow marginalizing?

Eh. I'm tired and don't care.


Before I act on impulse and shut the damn computer down, does anybody know a way how I can add the Bigsky entries to the Non-Descript archives? And placing them at the very beginning of ND? I'd appreciate any tips.

Damn, this entry sucks. Like poor service in a restaurant but there you have to wait because you've already ordered. Here, there's nothing keeping you. So go.



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