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10:23 a.m. - December 18, 2002
Paradigm shift or something worse?
The past few days I've been sleeping in and struggling to get up. This is entirely incongruous and leaves me baffled but secretly happy. True, I do wake at my usual 3:30 but I turn over and go back to sleep--day before yesterday, 7:30, today 9:10--and wake feeling warm and rested. Today I woke and outside were blue skies and I was momentarily confused--Did I take a nap or is it still Tuesday?--and stretched and watched the birds in the back yard.

Even better is that I don't recall having any dreams. This is good, very good, and maybe sleeping in is a by-product of dreamlessness. I'm slightly alarmed because this has disrupted patterns and fuels worries about falling behind time-wise but waking up to sunshine and stretching leisurely feels so good I don't want to cease.

Of course, sleeping in is ill-advised the closer I come to the deadline and the more time I must devote to writing, but I'm not going to worry about that just now. Later, probably, but right now I'm going to take my shower.

It's 10:31 a.m. and I'm taking my shower now? I wonder if the paper-man thinks I'm away because I'm always at the end of the drive waiting for him at 5:00 each morning. I feel off, but in a good way.


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