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2:23 a.m. - December 08, 2003
Feeling good on a Monday morning
The soon-to-be un-sound is the sound of my shutting down the computer. Latest batch printed off, software applications closed down, material not-yet-backed-up. Ah, I feel good.

While printing I flipped through the channels and stumbled across soft-porn. Wonder if the male actors become aroused doing the simulation sex scenes. I mean the wind blows and I get aroused so rubbing against a (beautiful)(nubile)(oiled)(jiggly)(moaning) woman's body would be a fait accompli. Another wonder: Do these glorified porn stars brag to family members that they've made it in the film industry?

People, I am 60 pages from being done with Book II. 60 pages. Give or take. But 60 pages.


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