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11:19 a.m. - February 17, 2004
Stay away, Jason
Did you know that while I castigate the gay community based on my own myopic and stereotyped perceptions, I engage in the same behavior I condemn? Case in point: Past few days I've been chatting with a guy named Chris, first online and then on the telephone, and this morning we met for coffee.

Can I say perfect match already?

This disconnect between trying something out with Ryan II while talking to others - Chris in particular - is not lost on me. I am a hypocrite and that leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. I am interested in Chris yet am with Ryan II. How the hell do I get myself in these situations?

It is an interest that will pass; I'm not going to be a slut either mental or physical, will not hurt someone like that. But I am interested. I am becoming much more comfortable with things and can see fruition.

It is a crazy day.


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