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2:07 p.m. - January 24, 2003
Summer 2003 plans, another pat on the back, more readings in French?
Letter today from the university back East inquiring into my summer plans and offering four courses, an office, and at least one T.A. No word regarding housing but I can't expect a place to have been secured already for me. Unsure of what exactly the courses will be/would be - listen to me, I've already decided, haven't I? - and I'll send the dean an email inquiring for further details. I want to go and I'll remind them again that being housed in Maryland was unbearable and to try for something closer to the university... Like Adams Morgan or one of the townhouses on the cobble-stone roads in the area. I can compromise for a place near a Metro stop but the suburbs - whether Maryland or Virginia - are out of the question.

Last year I toured the South; maybe this time Maine? Fly to Boston, visit a friend, follow the coast and see the Maine lighthouses for myself? It would be a boundary-stretcher, hitting the roads solo. So much changes in a year but I can't honestly say I've changed much, or for the better. A sobering thought.

I want to be anywhere but here.

But I'm thankful, oh God am I thankful, that I didn't move back to Seattle to be with Spec.


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