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4:24 p.m. - November 24, 2003
I would love to teabag United Airlines' customer service. Uh - I did just say that.
Thanksgiving at Grandma's has become Thanksgiving Alone. After spending too much aggravated time to swing refunds or credits and then rebook, I said chuck it and I am not a happy, satisfied customer of United Airlines. I dipped into juvenile reserves and said I'm taking my 18+ trips to American to cajole some magic but no dice - I can get there, just can't get back before Monday unless I wish to fly stand by to get the 2% chance of an unfilled seat. If any of you work for an airline, please educate me: I overslept and missed my flight from San Jose to Philadelphia, which is the (standard route) of San Jose to Denver at 6:10 a.m., then from there to Philly. Trying to get a new flight from San Jose, San Francisco, or Oakland to Philadelphia by 9:30 Tuesday morning was doable. But this isn't why I'm (still) confused; because I missed my morning flight, my flight from Philadelphia to Seattle disappeared? I don't get it. So I could get myself to Philly, just not to Seattle for Thanksgiving at Grandma's. So after the hassle I called the conference contact, asked them to hang a sign saying Cancelled Session, called grandma and said How about Christmas and a long weekend in January?, then called United to talk to a manager about service. Why give me perks and semi-exalted status simply to have an agent say, I don't know what to do? Yes, yes: My fault, all my fault. I overslept (and how often do I do that?) because I wasn't a good boy Sunday evening and sorry to say, it is all worth it. I'm getting into Ryan II. How can I not? Smart, friendly, cute, leaves me voice mail messages that make me smile. He's prepping for finals but we're getting coffee tonight, and then our (real) date is Friday.

I'm excited, can't stop smiling, thoroughly enjoying getting to know him.

And you know what's great? That first night when I said no sex he's been cool with that other than innuendoes that make me blush. I like how he's affectionate in other ways and open about what he's thinking and feeling. I like that a lot.

And then of course, I like those pecs. They're marble and not even Spec has that.

There is a hedonist deep down. I'd say slut but that's neither a surprise nor fully evocative; it is the sum of parts that draws me, makes me want to be close.


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