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5:48 a.m. - March 27, 2003
Really, I wasn't fishing so stop the butt kissing unless you work it with the tongue... damn that's nasty. I'm surprised I said that. Huh. Oh well.
Yesterday's bit about being adored was not a self-serving appeal for warm fuzzies via email, though that was nice. See, I like kids because they lack guile, but I don't trust adults when they say nice things.

So in other words, I'm saying Come on, think I'd give you the keys that easily? But I did like the emails - and guestbook message, Maya - but give me something to which I can readily respond. I struggle to write a return email after you've said Jason, I adore you! because really, what is there to say other than Gee, thanks?

Eh. I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for warm fuzzy shit.

Another long day ahead of me but it's worth it.

And Maya, I see also that my old journal has disappeared. Hmm. Is it worth fretting over?


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