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6:44 a.m. - August 23, 2003
A cable car ride for me today
Working in the city all day and after, I've instructed myself to have a little fun and ride the cable cars. Let us hope the tourists have gone home so I can stand in the front and feel that only-in-San-Francisco wind I enjoy so much.

Last night I didn't want to see Eli again but we talked on the phone for a couple hours. You know what it's about? It's about looking at yourself and saying What I have to offer is just as good and interesting and worthwhile as the people you see on the street, the people who want to date you, the people who want to get to know you. Bad things sometimes happen when people know you, but I'm finding out little by little that there's more good than bad and soon I shall pass the divide and be part of the crowd and I will enjoy - relish - a pat on the back and people who call me friend.


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