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11:32 a.m. - November 17, 2003
Idiocy ramblings from within a government building. Why can't government buildings regulate heat - is it in the USC or the state equivalent that all taxpayer-funded facilities either roast or freeze its occupants?
Arnold is officially governor and I didn't get my way this morning. What else will thwart me today? I lobbied furiously to snag Alice Sebold's lecture (you know, the author of The Lovely Bones) tomorrow night but I presume I've exceeded celebrity capacity or something. Quick half-thought: Find out who outmaneuvered the assignment and -

Having doubts about the choir, the familiar yetta litany: What was I thinking? I don't sing well but neither my shower nor vehicle complain and my half-man voice can't throw off the ensemble, can it? Besides, it's only for the Christmas season and what damage can one do to carols? If I stay in the choir I already see a dilemma ahead: Do or not do the Christmas Eve program again in San Francisco? Should I examine this from a faith-thing or a no-thing persepective? I'll table it. Why worry?

Firmly resolved not to lose control tonight. Calm, cool, disengaged is today's external theme.

Last thought: Disappointed in my (wavering?) ability to go from ASL to Spanish. Spanish - ASL, no problem, but I fumbled far too many times vice versa. You know, I love translation, am enamored with the analytical process of L1 to L2, bridging cultural and linguistic norms as fast as synapses fire and obtain information. The brain is a wonderful structure and I am excited to be returning to school in January. Anyway, back to translation: My (Spanish speaking) team made me appreciate language further when she translated a bit about an unruly teenager acting out to [name withheld] is acting like a little man and the parents were proud and nodded their heads.

Language is beautiful. Even English.

Now, why can't I find ASL - Swahili, or ASL - Latin assignments? Come on people, help me out here. I need something to keep my mind occupado.

Be good.


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