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9:47 a.m. - January 24, 2004
Trafe! Moses would be pissed
Remember those two salads I brought to the pot-luck-thing last night? Ryan II had urged me to throw in some authentic bacon pieces – not bits, but pieces – that are delicious and so I did. Later while everyone’s chowing down Ms. Obnoxiously Pious Jew comes up to me and asks, These are excellent imitation bacon bits! Are these the soy ones from Whole Foods? and I couldn’t tell her, No, they’re right off the pig from Safeway and so said yes. I don’t know if Ms. Obnoxiously Pious Jew has ever had pork or bacon bits – err, pieces – before, but she was devouring them down with gusto and I alternated between laughing and feeling guilty. Watching her gobble the bacon was the highlight of my evening.

Went home and talked to Ryan II’s answering machine.

Everybody would have known.


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