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3:32 p.m. - February 14, 2004
Valentine's Day: Tropism, emotions, movies - caricatures never end
My stance on gay marriage is bolstered by the goings-ons in San Francisco that made attending today's rally in Sacramento moot in Ryan II's eyes. I figured the activists would rather head down to city hall to get married rather than holding signs in front of a deserted capital building. 2003/2004 has turned into the year of the queer.

So today is a Jason and Ryan II day; we are huddled chez moi watching movies and eating junk food and I am under a half hour go-use-the-computer-and-get-your-fix window before I go back to the living room. Watched Forrest Gump with him laying on top of me and when I cried at the scene where Forrest asks whether his son is like me Ryan II nuzzled my ear and said the L-word. Talk about ratcheting up a nascent relationship. Being slowly flattened between the wood floor and a man's body is easier to manage than emotions.

Tropes notwithstanding, I didn't know what to say.

Earlier I had peeled an orange for him. Show affection, don't rely on words that have to be said.

I really like how his eyes water during movies, too.


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