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10:59 a.m. - October 01, 2003
Vindication somewhat, but gimme my money NOW
The latest from the IRS:


We applied $6,422.12 of the overpaid tax on your 2000 tax return to our records. You are due a refund if we applied only part of your overpayment to any other taxes owed if applicable. You will receive a check for the refund due you as long as the amount is greater than one dollar and there is no tax balance due. You must request a refund of less than one dollar. You may apply the overpayment amount to anticipated owed tax for 2004. The figures below show our calculation:

Amount of overpaid tax on your return: $6,422.12

Amount of interest you earned on overpayment: $0.00

Total amount due you: $6,422.12

So let me get this straight: The IRS took my money, then did some work and realized they took too much, now giving it back without interest, and offer the privilege of allowing them to keep it just in case I owe for 2004? What the fuck ever - I say I want a damn cashier's check. I want interest, damn it.


Last night Ryan called, asked if he could stop by. He did and I went home with him. Slept over. Had sex. Why can't things always be this simple?


Then, I get an email from Lorster saying I'm a not-so-bad friend (a rough paraphrase, that), and then a letter from Bathsheba saying you are so amazing - I want you to know that. Made me feel great.

And right now, I'm discussing sex with Oz and it's not so bad.

A very good day thus far. Ah, see, the dastardly pessimism.

A very good day.


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