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10:18 p.m. - February 02, 2004
Please don't say Dockers and a shirt. I'm tired of my uniform.
I talked for nearly the entire time during the session. First time I've felt comfortable with everybody.


Ryan II bought tickets to see the Lion King show tomorrow. I'm giving up study time to go - magnanimity runks amok - but I have a stupid question and damn don't I feel like a fag just thinking it: What do you wear to something like that? What if he dresses up and I don't? Or vice versa? Or is it just an audience full of screaming kids and sleeping parents?

I haven't been to the theater in a long time. Is the Lion King on par with Les Mis et al? I feel like a country bumpkin.

I want to look good with him. It's San Francisco. Gotta make sure his eyes are on me, you know.


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