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8:21 a.m. - March 05, 2003
On war and gas and frog balls
Another bombing in Israel, the Frenchies puffing up their c'est la guerre chests, the Germans are sticking it to us, the Russian mobocracy doesn't know what to do so plays duck duck goose.

While I myself wish Bush would just come out and say why the war is needed - the Saudi Arabia connection nobody is talking about and makes me wonder why I'm the only one understands the domino arrangement - I admit to a tinge of annoyance with our allies and as for Turkey, well it's simple: No more money for you.

So this is what must be done:

(1) First, the Israelis must get a clue and start suicide missions of their own;

(2) Secondly, the Frenchies need to be taken out and beat for the fun of it;

(3) Thirdly, who gives a damn about the United Nations and the rule of law? If everybody else can stonewall and thumb noses at the UN, why can't we? I just want gas back to a normal level and who cares beyond that?

(4) All these protesters? They're just looking for a cause and besides, the young ones don't vote and it's a foregone conclusion that Bush Jr. is a one-termer so who gives a damn?

Gas, oil, gas, oil, I'm irked I'm paying $2.08 to fill up my tank and tired of the yack yack yack. Will someone please look down and find the balls that are likely rolling around somewhere on the floor? Yes, I know, frog balls are tiny and krauts like theirs in leather and the Russians' are mummified due to excessive alcohol intake, so why doesn't the US take out its big stick and start waving it around and make the other chimps fall in place? Enough talk, I want bombs! I want this impasse over, I want to pick up the paper and read about something else for a change.

And I don't want to spend $25.00 to fill up the tank!

Of course, there is some solace: My gas money is 89% deductible on next year's taxes.


Asked my dean about next year's financial aid due to the freeze / potential cuts here at school and he said I'm set; I'm a priority. Those are the best words one can hear. I'm a priority. I like that immensely.

Sigh. That outward validation thing.

I owe email to a few folks.

Did I mention it's a beautiful day? Clear blue skies, forecast upper sixties?


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