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1:20 p.m. - July 27, 2003
I went where and did what?
a) A social outing! (wow)

b) A social outing with strangers (unheard of)

c) A social outing with strangers in which Jason is talkative and comfortable (body snatchers?)

Church was fair and made me homesick. Met a group of young professionals and was invited out with them and earnestly off I went, then to lunch, then an invitation to a party Friday night. Yeah, Christians are a do-goody bunch but let me tell you, it was comforting. Clicked well with Gina and her husband Jeff, both high school teachers, and I held my own and was brave enough to marshall a few jokes and we all had a good time. See, Christians can be faithful and gay-friendly, too. What's that, you say? Yes, I paid attention to John and sought out a non-sex-oriented gathering of gay individuals and voila! went to an "affirming" church. Two new somethings today.

It's been a while. Two points for me.


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