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11:57 p.m. - November 07, 2003
It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want - and I do, but I won't
Happy birthday to me!

Note to self: Never do a two-city, two-country weekend, especially not on my birthday.

Today went well and I am satisfied I did my best. I think Rochester - the little I've seen - is beautiful.

Thanks, all, for those guestbook messages. Made me smile, and for those of you who didn't, you can bite my not-very-hairy ass. Bite? Lick? Either way, I get my jollies.


Feeling alone. Beginning to view this metaloneliness as something positive, an incipient launch pad. I don't think I registered loneliness save the occasional moment but now I'm adrift in it and as the saying goes, one sinks or swims.

I'm tired. My brain is fried.

Again, thanks to you in-real-life-would-we-have-much-to-talk-about-?-people for making me feel less alone. That was nice.


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