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6:22 p.m. - January 17, 2003
Another Friday night
The party is tomorrow night and I'm coming up with excuses, weighing the pros and cons. Who wants to go to a big party at the Presidio in the city, have to dress up, make small talk and maybe have a good time?

I'm not going to go.


Came home and took a nap and I'm awake, energized, and have nothing to do.

Other than the book. The book. The manuscript. The trouble! I can sympathize with those who have children. Once they're here, you can't undo them. Same thing with contracts.

The degree of sickness is spreading; today conceptualized yet another book and why didn't I think of it before or already?

Some Friday night I will go out and laugh and be glad I did.

Back to work. Workworkworkworkworkworkworkworkworkwork.


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