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6:18 a.m. - December 03, 2003
Yuck. And I put my leg into the goop as well
Disturbing dreams all night about death and liquefaction, physical decomposition and gooey human remains. Intriguing, the olfactory senses were in on mode throughout though the colors - aside from the bright yellow red orange flesh and un-clotted blood - were muted. I wonder if there is a trade-off as my dreams are normally vividly hued but sterile in terms of odors? The brain is a wonderful organ though I wish it had let me sleep better. Woke up and of course there was no returning to sleep though this time I willed myself to simply lay and not get up to work or numb the mind via cleaning. Of course, there was a tiny element of wondering what creatures were at work under the bed and you know it's best not to tempt them with legs swinging over the side onto the floor.

Anybody do dream analysis out there? Aside from archetypes I don't know much.


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