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9:00 a.m. - March 26, 2004
The non-Friday Five Friday Five
No ideas from the Friday Five folks so I soldier on and come up with my own.

1. The last five things I did was . . . [yeah, I know. Exciting shit.]

a. Made my bed (daily requirement).

b. Ate one slice wheat bread toast with half a glass of Tropicana not-from-concentrate [editor's note: give me the juicy bits!].

c. Walked down the driveway to pick up the newspaper.

d. Read the paper.

e. Sat in front of computer to check email.

2. The last five movies I've seen were . . .

a. On the airplane heading East, something called "School of Rock" (??) played.

b. Heading West it was that movie with Diane Keaton and the old guy. Did not watch either.

c. Prior to that, I watched Gattaca.

d. And before that . . . something around Christmas. What was it? Return of the King? I don't go to movies often so this was a dumb question.

3. The last five people I talked to were . . .

Bathsheba, David [I really need to avoid talking to and meeting people from the internet], my sister, Carolyn from the agency, Ryan II.

4. The last five thoughts I had were . . .

a. I'm glad I controlled my response to last night's dream - I didn't get up to clean or walk or check the doors and windows; I simply lay there and told myself it was just a dream.

b. I like talking with Joel more than I do Ryan II and is this wrong?

c. I received an International Male catalog in the mail yesterday and do the people at my postal station know I'm gay?

d. I have to leave in 12 minutes to go to work.

e. I am not looking forward to today's assignment even though I can use my French with Lise, and I wonder - does this qualify as a sixth thought? - if she requests me only because I can speak French and she's homesick for a real French accent?

5. Last five regrets were . . .

a. I was not honest in my individual therapy when asked to elaborate on a particular incident from my childhood; I said I couldn't remember even though I'm certain my therapist didn't believe me.

b. I haven't responded to Juliana's email about how her boyfriend proposed and is it too late to do so now, two weeks after the fact?

c. I was rude to Ryan II when he called to see if he could come over last night; even though I knew he was just teasing, I took his comment about sex the wrong way - looking for any reason to say no, I suspect.

d. I didn't go to the gay bar with David last night.

e. I'm not open enough to people who genuinely seek to know me better.


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