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10:45 a.m. - April 23, 2004
Leaving on a jet plane... for the umpteenth time and I've had enough
Tomorrow morning Barbara-the-Editor and I are meeting for a marathon agent-writer rendezvous. That gave me a thrill - agent-writer - in a very pleasing manner.

Heading for the airport in a few minutes, and I promied - under duress - to send Ryan II a postcard. I've never been to Washington, D.C. in the Spring before so I'm looking forward to a late afternoon drive after I'm done with Barbara-the-Editor and the rest of the crew. August 2004 is around the corner and I'm nervous, scared, yet there's a tiny kernel of something intractable that says No problem. No problem, indeed.

I'm off. Oz, the next time I'm in Chicago - November - let's meet up, eh? You never wave back when I signal you from the airplane.

That's a dumb thing to say but I don't care.

Lorster, I received your email but haven't responded (do not laugh). All is well.

Have a great day!


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