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9:43 a.m. - June 25, 2004
Destination known, he says, with lusty eyes agleam
Leaving in a few minutes for football camp. Burned a few cd's for the drive (two hours away) - one black gospel, one contemporary Xn, one classical - threw together some homemade trail mix (whole walnuts, chocolate chips, almonds, peanuts), told Barbara-the-Editor I'm going out of town for five days and allayed her fears I'm absconding to points unknown without a return date in mind.

Speaking of the book: End of August. I've passed the bend and now all the work lays in the hands of the production crew. Last-minute decisions must still be made, things like Would you prefer the pagination to be in this color, that size, or this size, that color? and Please reconsider your decision not to put your photo on the jacket. She just doesn't give up and that's why she's a great editor.

So I'm off to football camp. I have my sunblock, my books, my water bottles, my digital camera. No worries, Oz, I will be careful - I have bond money if needed. Five days with hundreds of sweaty jocks is just the vacation the gay doctor ordered.

I'm in a great mood; the sun is shining, I'm taking the scenic route North, and I had great sex this morning. Ryan II doesn't know what's going on with me, but he's not complaining.

Have a great weekend, all!


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