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8:46 p.m. - July 10, 2004
It's been long enough
Went to Barnes & Noble tonight for The Economist and Chaon's You Remind Me of Me - just what a single guy needs on a Saturday evening, eh? In line I was recognized by a professor at one of the colleges I used to teach at and we ended up having coffee (hot chocolate for me, thanks) and catching up. She asked if I had completed the Ph.D. yet and I was direct - No, taking time off - and long story short, I'm going in on Monday to apply for the vacant English position. She's Head of Department, on the hiring committee, and remembered my name after 4 years. These are all good things.

Obscene pay cut should I return to teaching but what happened to Gay Mormon Student is long over and my guilt has dissipated (mostly). I'd like to go back to the classroom.

That's all. A quiet Saturday for me. For always. Eke, eke, eke. That's the key.


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