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9:14 p.m. - July 08, 2005
Peanut M&Ms on a Friday night
A car stopped while I walked in the parking lot, and a guy yelled out, Jason, class of '92, right? And I was confused, panicked, shook my head, began walking again. He said I know you, I'm Rodney ----, class of '92, don't you remember? I walked quickly, uncomfortable. When reminded of high school, it is generally the pleasant memories that come to mind now. Why mess with finished work?


I will miss CM and Dave when our Tuesday alcohol-and-dinner nights end. They are the first real friends I've made in years. They push back when I begin to push them away, laugh off the notion we won't be close. They know me well and I feel safe and comfortable knowing them equally well. It wasn't easy but I did it; I've been open and honest, held nothing back. My strengths and weaknesses were laid on the table and nothing bad happened. A strong dose of this is how things are supposed to be is beneficial. Left-wingers in the grand Berkeley tradition meet right-winger in the conservative Christian tradition and only good times ensue. We should serve as a national model.


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