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9:15 a.m. - July 17, 2005
Catch up, in brief, because I no longer have much to share
Re-scheduling my Dallas appointment from May to July was not a smart move, but while I was disappointed by the dearth of cowboys, I mollified my anti-Dallas invection by taking pleasure in knowing the hordes of topless men surely sport ranching attire during winter so therefore, Dallas was not a complete loss. Tentatively returning in the fall, though I'm already booked through the end of November.

To be home where the temperature will reach only to 90 today is a relief. Must pack for DC - leave Wednesday, back August 30 - and go through a mountain of mail hawking credit card offers and catalogues for clothes I would never wear.

Spec left two messages, one nice and the other not-so-nice. I deleted both. It's been years and I simply don't want anything from him any more.

Off to church tired and scruffy.


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