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6:58 p.m. - October 02, 2005
Homeward bound
The training went well. Yawn.

Met with Barbara-the-Editor in person and discussed plans for another book, a book I've somehow agreed to write. Rough draft will be due June 2006 and to temper her excitement, I mentioned higher royalties as a pre-requisite to signing a new contract. Her smile froze over the wine glass and she stated at 16.2% I'm earning far more than most authors receive, and I simply looked at her and smiled. It is not hubris but awareness that this workhorse is pulling in huge profits for the company and if they desire to capitalize on my talent, they must pay. She agreed but said I spoiled the surprise: The agency is raising my training rates. Oh? That's great! The reason: My Friday / Saturday training dates are almost completely booked for the next year so they want to offer mid-week training opportunities.

I already live in a suitcase enough as it is. I am not too keen on more trips to the airport.

While I sputtered she smiled and said welcome to the big leagues.

I am a very tiny fish in this educational consultant sea whose travel schedule is overwhelming him.


A3 is overwhelming me; correction: I am overwhelming myself for matters I've been disinclined to discuss here. A mentor, Non-Descript wants a mentor!

Overwhelming me, yes, but I do look forward to seeing him tomorrow.


I leave for the airport soon and will wing my way back to California, just to wake up hours after landing to go to work. I will enjoy this week, the only full week I am at home long enough to unpack and clean house.

I bellyache and groan but there is pleasure in this little bit of success that is mine.


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