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11:17 p.m. - January 03, 2003
It's Friday night and where are you? Everybody knows where I'm at.
It is Friday night and I tell you, I've had enough of being home and working on the manuscript; it is a few days away from completion. Completion! And then what? Can't think that far ahead; the prospect is as dim as now. But after working on this book for what - two and a half years, total - to see it done and ready to ship off, I realize I didn't write the book but it used me, some sort of reverse anthropomorphism, and I'm too caught up in the details to notice.

Frightening days ahead.

Finishing touches include, per Barbara-the-Editor, expanding the role our great august nothern neighbor has in the book. The Canadians are restless and the company smells oders coming on the wind so be inclusive. The entire Canada aspect of the book and marketing is antagonizing to say the least; all of my books have to be translated into French just in order to qualify as a textbook in all of the provinces, but Quebec has its own and won't need mine. As Barbara-the-Skilled-Marketer-cum-Editor says, it's all about British Columbia and that is true, more than two thousand orders for the Vancouver area alone, one district. So expand I will and you'll note in Unit 3 that Canadian geography is prominently featured.

Yeah. Lots of fun on a Friday.


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