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12:33 p.m. - August 04, 2003
Another lunch hour, another quiz
It's noon and time for a survey:

1) Describe any quirks you have that others don't understand:

Hmm. Refuse to eat white, emulsified foods like mayonnaise, sour cream, similar nasties. A-1 sauce on macaroni and cheese. I calm myself down when needed by scrubbing a tub with Ajax. I don't have a dog of my own so I borrow the neighbors' and use a leash and collar I bought; I've also renamed their dog but they don't know that. I have to be the first to say goodbye on the telephone and will often unnaturally stop a conversation to beat you to it. I shave my face very slowly with-grain and against and cringe when I see Gilette commercials on television. I find most people speak too loudly and I have no qualms asking them to lower their voice. Absolutely refuse the possibility of other people using my bathroom.

2) How would you describe your personality?

I make perfect sense to myself on most issues; I am quiet and shy, introspective and rather quite friendly once you pass the barricades. I think I may be high maintenance in that I like to read emails but rarely write them, thus placing friends in an unfair position; perhaps this is why I have few friends? Or at least few friends who email. I am harder on myself than I am on you, and when I take an interest in you, it is genuine and deep and usually long-lasting, though of course the initial hurdles must be overcome.

3) Stone, brick, stucco, or adobe?

As in building materials, I presume? How about a Mexican-style villa with adobe walls, brick courtyard, stone (preferably slate) floors? No stucco, if by stucco one refers to that cement-like crud slathered over chicken-wire. Give me the authentic, eh?

4) A failure:

No matter how I try, I cannot truly trust people and allow them to be close to me.

5) Prefer weddings or funerals?

The emotional content seems about the same, to me. I've been to many weddings and honestly, I'm not a fan. I've been to a few funerals and while it's not the most festive, at least it's quiet. The last wedding I went to was in the garden of an art museum and I was more entertained by the squirrels jumping from limb to limb than by the drunk English parents. The last funeral I went to as my aunt's and I am not a fan of Catholic funerals, especially when they're for Jews.

6) Least favorite country?

To visit? Live? Let's see... out of the countries I've visited, the least favorite is Holland. It's not that I'm too conservative, it's that the houses along the canals are angled and give me a headache. I'm a fan of neat, straight, perfect lines.

Non-sequitur: I'm going out to lunch not by myself, thus cutting this one short. She makes me laugh.


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