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11:16 a.m. - October 07, 2003
Flip a coin, choose blindly, they're all bad
I'm off to vote for this inane recall though my name doesn't appear on the ballot. Next time, eh?

Ah, yes. All in all, this is an exercise in kakistocracy however you fall along the political spectrum. My friend John in Los Angeles is vexed by my laissez-faire attitude because he's convinced this is a far-right-wing attempt to take over the nation since, as we all know, California is the country's liberal stronghold and the domino bellweather. I laughed and this angered him, noted that not all Republicans believe in bringing back public auto-da-fe's for the current belief-in-disfavor. He is skeptical.

He says I have my head in the sand and that if I was really gay I'd be a Democrat. I had to laugh some more, and he doesn't see how this made me feel good.

I wrote three poems last night / this morning, and they're rather quite good. These attempts of mine to raise my head and leap from this pit might be causing more grief and perhaps settling down to make the best of things is a favored route. Certainly seems so, since I do my best work while sad. I wonder why this is.

Feeling adrift, a bit blue. Reminder to self: Don't trust people, ever. See what they do? Projections, projections, projections.


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