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5:43 p.m. - May 01, 2003
Quick: What's the Greek term for \"fatal flaw\"?
Tomorrow morning Iím interpreting for President Bush.

Iím excited. Put aside your partisan politics and be happy for me, eh? Itís only taken 11 years, but Iím finally going to shake hands with a President so whoo hooo for me. Back in 1992 I was this close to Clinton when he came to Seattle to campaign Ė dirty secret tangent: I literally jostled a wheelchair-bound woman out of my way and she was mightily offended Ė when my friend Tad suffered some kind of malaise and it was either shake Clintonís hand or shelter Tad from the crowd. I did the honorable thing though I had to think for a moment. Eh. I was an ideologue back then, campaigning for Clinton when I wasnít even old enough to vote for him. Heh. And while I donít regard Bush any better than ďaverageĒ I donít mind getting a little excited.

I realize the majority of this excitement derives from recognition. Talk about a fatal flaw.


This week Iíve cleared the highest total ever in my professional career. Itís been a while since Iíve thrown myself into work and while I canít obfuscate and say it feels good, it feels good that thereís little time to think or do anything else.

Perhaps yet another fatal flaw.


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