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8:24 a.m. - January 11, 2004
Walking through Memphis - err, my fog-filled suburb
Woke up early after going to bed late - just call it a nap - borrowed the dog for a walk, thought What a beautiful morning and it was: Clear, crisp, blue. And halfway through the circuit - 2.1 miles - a fog blew in and settled down thick enough that headlights, were there any, would have been perceptible only if close. And how nice it was to walk in the fog and become damp and see nothing ahead until I'm a few feet away and then the fuzzy object is identifiable, details understood, then turn around and have that understanding fade away even though it's still there.

Thinking about molestation is a lot like today's walk.

This is on my mind.

I wish for a dog of my own.


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