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12:33 p.m. - March 25, 2003
It's lunchtime, it's a survey, it's a waste of your time
It's lunchtime and I'm at home, so you know what that means: Yes, it's another survey!

Lunch today is chicken noodle soup, leftover from what I didn't finish last night, and an orange. Bathsheba inquired a while ago why I note what I'm eating and I lacked a decent reply since I'm not concerned about maintaining a record with nutrition or Alzheimer's in mind. Perhaps it's because I have nothing better to say, eh?

On to the survey, and let us hope I find something halfway decent.

1. My favorite television show was MacGuyver; now, it's Six Feet Under.

2. My earliest recollection of television is The Flame Trees of Thika, a miniseries (?) about a British family settling in Kenya; I remember pleading for permission to stay up late to watch it on PBS. Right now I can hear the theme and picture the closing shot of a train in the distance growing smaller against the green hills. Funny, the things we remember.

3. How would people describe me? If they're highly literate, they would say sprezzatura. If not, then platitudes along the lines of intelligent, nerdish, quiet, standoffish, rude, unpleasant, condescending; those who do, usually the same mixed in with sweet, considerate, and funny. Underneath it all I care a great deal about people but struggle to show it. On most days, I'm the classic Nice Guy and you know how they are: Pleasant to chat with, but all interest ends once it's time to go.

4. I already exhibited my passion in #3 - words. I love the sui generis, the parole, of language. I love the way words roll off my tongue and bounce around my skull, words like pother, myrmidon, theodic, concinnity. I love identifying a chiasmus or paronym, I derive a thrill from the otiant lexicon. This passion isn't to sound smart or well-written (we all know my limitations in the articulatory arena); it's a passion for the overlooked and uncared for, the neglected and winnowed. But don't misunderstand: I don't throw my treasures into conversation - I mean, you'll hear nothing like "Yes, I agree that aposterioristic experience is most conducive to developing a well-rounded personality" coming out of my mouth. But I think these things, I translate them when I hear you say "Real world experience is more important than book smarts." It's a sickness of mine. A secret one. (And I bet you can't guess how I translate that, can you?)

5. I am such a nerd.

6. Yes, I graduated high school. Barely, though not because of grades. I wanted to take the GED and be done with school and when I lived in New Mexico made arrangements with my school counselor to take the test, but I was apprehended two days prior to the exam date. I detested high school and spent as little time there as I could, preferring to spend my days sitting in on classes at UC Berkeley. As long as I brought home a 4.0, nobody cared what I did.

7. I don't understand: People who talk loudly. Do they think a louder voice makes them sound more intelligent?

8. I don't like: The herd mentality.

9. I hate: Discussions cum arguments about Israel and Palestine. It's a lose-lose situation, don't you know that?

10. I . . . What? I what? I hate open-ended questions, phrases, statments.

Yeah, I know. Not very entertaining today. But that's all you get in a half hour. It's time for my orange.

I will enjoy.


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