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1:14 p.m. - January 19, 2004
Don't they understand free time is ominous to me? Work me! Work me!
Assignment booked 8:40 a.m. Ė 5:15 p.m., I arrive early per custom; enter building, am wanded, verified, fingerprinted, a process that takes 10 minutes. Walk into lobby, meet client (a favorite), team, settle around conference table for a satellite meeting at 9:06. Work for 8 minutes.

Coordinator of conference receives urgent interruption at 9:14.
Meeting cancelled at 9:16.
Client tells me: Go home.

Was on site 36 minutes. I made $467.74.

When liberals cry out about the unfairness of the militaryís rich budget and the poverty of our school system, they do not exaggerate.

While I enjoy what I do and the amount of money I invoice is hard-earned, there are times when I feel guilty and today is a good example. But you know what reveals more about my character? Itís the idea that theoretically I could not invoice (but the auditors would come across it) or not even accept the assignment, but I wouldnít do that because I get a thrill from the tours and seeing war-games fun stuff. Itís the closest thing I get to being macho.

A related thought: Is the military exempted from MLK observance, even if itís a federal holiday? On further thought: How dumb was the previous thought Ė itís a contractor or sub-contractor.


I got my hair cut (short, as usual).
I went to the bank to deposit paycheck (closed, holiday, duh).
I went to Safeway (red grapes .89 per pound, pippin apples .90 per pound).
I went to Barnes & Noble (bought nothing. Down with the chains!).
I came home (what a surprise).


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