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7:32 a.m. - July 16, 2003
Morning update
This morning the Squirrely T.A. lectures on the relationship between power and language and his notes and outline look promising. He emailed last night to run by a few ideas and it amused me to see his nervousness; was I that nervous when I was a T.A? Probably and for good reason I don't remember. I didn't tell him that while I plan ahead for the general direction of the day, I don't write thorough outlines and lecture notes; I prefer off the cuff, as they say. I wonder if that's a bad thing.

This course is over Friday and that afternoon I leave for the conference, meaning I must hustle tonight. Off the cuff of course, but I need to prepare a few handouts on differential learning and scaffolding as it applies to language teaching and learning, or something to that effect. Something thought-provoking; I'm in the mood to be admired.


I was last night.

I wrote that. I should be ashamed.

Later, I will be.


Later, 7:55.

Feeling guilty.


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