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9:51 a.m. - May 29, 2003
A survey!
It's not lunchtime but here's a brief survey nonetheless. If it wasn't for this journal I wonder if I'd lose the ability to type.

1) Worst movie that comes to mind:

Reign of Fire. I watched it this morning. Dragons. If all the dragons save one were female and bred by the only male woken up by accident, where did the first female come from?

2) Movie-watching guilty pleasure:

Does this mean an actual fim title or junk food? If it's junk food, I'd say Milk Duds. If it's a movie, have to say V-something and V: The Final Battle. You remember those 1980s movies about lizard aliens stealing earth's water and people? I could watch those for hours. I remember having to sneak around and watch the miniseries when I was a kid.

3) I spend too much time . . .

Tough one, that. Reading, I suppose, but lately haven't been reading as much. Okay, I 'fess up: Been spending too much time chatting online. I feel pathethic admitting this but who knew there were so many chat rooms to visit? Of course you did; I didn't, until recently.

4) My senior prom was . . .

Went to two of them, one each for the girls I was dating at the time. Brittany and Shannon. Two different nights. One was the standard mawkish event, the other was entirely forgettable. Also went to the senior prom when I was a junior and of the three, that was the one I enjoyed the most. Whew. Isn't this exciting?

5) Your mission description or organizational purpose would read . . .

Now this is the type of question that excites me. Let's see. I am a nascent philosopher/theologian bordering on the misanthropic adrift in the sea of na´vetÚ. How's that for succinct? Or how about Encountering the schismatic: Breaking down, breaking down, breaking down. I'll revisit this idea later. What would yours be?

6) A pet peeve:

When illegal border-crossers are called "undocumented migrants," "employed aliens" and "oppressed economic trans-nationals."

7) Know a dirty joke?

Let's see... the only jokes I know are borrowed from people because you know, I don't crack jokes. Ever.
Query: Why was the Ken doll separated from the Pinocchio doll?

Answer: Because the Ken doll kep sticking his ass in Pinocchio's face and yelling Lie! Lie! Lie!

Yeah, okay. See why I don't tell jokes?

8) An example of "Things don't work this way" would be:

Teknonymy. Damn, where do I come up with these?

9) Which of the following are you: Hot stud, loveable geek, reject, a total nobody.

Let me guess... question posed by a junior high kid because we mature adults wouldn't ask it ourselves? Heh. I would have to take "total nobody" because "rejection" implies concrete, deliberate actions and as far as I know, nobody does that to me. The "hot stud" is a no-brainer and the loveable geek doesn't fit because I'm not a gamer. Or something. So a total nobody. Damn that's harsh. Heh. What about you?

10) Unadmirable personal trait:

Notice the question is singular and that poses a conundrum - which off the list is most deserving here? How about evasion?

Now this survey was pathetic in the I-have-no-teeth-am-on-a-desert-island-hungry-and-the-only-thing-to-eat-is-a-coconut sense.


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