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7:41 a.m. - December 04, 2003
How sick is too sick not to go to work?
Woke up last night, ran to the bathroom, and heaved repeatedly. Yuck. I don't know where my mind was but I went to the wrong bathroom and only afterward did I realize the mistake. This threw me off and I'm still unsettled but as the therapists say, change is good. Sick sucks.

Someone mentioned that Non-Descript (that's me) is melodramatic. This bothers me.

Things are going well with Ryan II thus far.

Enough check in. Time for me to get back under the covers. Ah, no can do until the agency confirms I have a replacement. There is irony there given how shoddy I've treated the agency/ies this week - yesterday! - and how today I need a favor. Good irony; it woke me up. I was taking them for granted and I ought not do that.


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