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9:01 p.m. - May 19, 2003
Chez moi but not for long; mental and physical transience
No need for recaps beyond (a) did well in Dallas and Austin; (b) have had more than enough family time; (c) I have a telephone date tonight.

Yes, that's right. With the Dallas guy. Long-but-not-sordid story there involving skipping the flight from Dallas - Austin in favor of an early morning road trip after a night. More like Night.

These are very odd times for me.

A footnote, scene Commencement Day, the family in a row.

MOTHER: What do you mean our fair-haired son is graduating without honors? [points to commencement program]

SISTER: It means he partied too much. He didn't come to San Diego to study. [rolls her eyes]

MOTHER: This is the first I've heard of this. Why didn't he tell me he has a 2.1 GPA? I'm his mother; I should know these things. [indignant, hurt, emotions escalating]

FATHER: Our fair-haired son also worked 15 hours per week. He's worked hard. [favoritism blinds him; Pollyanna-ish]

MOTHER: Jason worked during college as well! [points accusing finger at the Other Son]

FATHER: [looks pointedly at Jason] Jeff has a social life and friends.

MOTHER: That's right. [nods, an epiphany]

SISTER: That's right. [nods]

JASON: Gee, thanks. [looks for exit]


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