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10:08 a.m. - March 15, 2003
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Must prepare the two presentations I'm giving in Indianapolis in less than a month. Two and a half hours each of best practices and pedagogy, hand outs, visual aids, practical exercises and Jason everywhere. Must impress, must impress -

- Sudden thought. Perhaps I'm driven to impress at these conferences because I want people to jockey to be in my company, especially when it's lunch or dinner time and I don't want to eat alone? I'd rather entertain the mindless recitations of platitudes than eat alone - Maybe I should try to see how things would fare without the cognizant effort to play Bigwig? -

So I need to develop and plan the presentations soon, need to write more of Book Two, need to check my mailbox - where is my mind this morning? - need to go outside when the rain stops.

I'm forgetting something important but it isn't the search for a duplex for sale, it isn't the taxes, it isn't the paper due next week, it isn't to finish painting the doortrim in the house, it isn't to write two paper-and-ink letters.

My thoughts are scattered, Spec arrives Friday morning.

Yes, that's right. The soap opera's on for a while more. Yeah, okay - I miss him and I'm glad he's coming.


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