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8:17 p.m. - March 10, 2003
I'm exhausted and want to go to sleep but it is too early for that so I'll masturbate instead
Pet peeve: Vehicles transporting enough passengers to qualify for the carpool lane at peak hours, but don't.

Irked on what became an hour commute home by the minivan with at least 5 passengers who piddled along, oblivious to both my tailgating and nasty scowls impassioned all the more because per custom, I was in the fast lane (crawling along) and on my left, a wide-open lane. Nothing infuriates me more.


Speaking of traffic: Was almost in an accident, rear-ended by a driving cell phone and because I tail-gate (no comment, please) there wasn't room for me to pull off into the shoulder so I put my foot on the brake and prayed for deliverance and my lucky underwear saved the day. Yes, that's right; I have a lucky pair and while pulling them on this morning remembered it has been quite an interval since the last time I wore them. Good thing, too, eh?


Tonight's entry is disjointed.

I'm terribly horny. It's the lucky underwear, I suspect.

Obviously cannot write lucidly when the pipes are jammed.

I'm off to masturbate. It's not crass if it's sincere, is it?


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