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6:49 p.m. - September 01, 2003
Yeah, join the fucking hoarse chorus
There are just some things I will not do and will not have done to me so save the pleasure arguments and exegetical discourses on broadening horizons and setting the less-inhibited maniac inside free. Why are guys dicks? I mean really, come on. When someone says no, it means No, it means stop, cease activities, take a breather. It does not mean I'm playing hard to get or am coy or am too shy to admit I want it and ooh I want it bad so go ahead and try to do it to me despite what you hear. I went through this constantly with Spec and I'll be damned I'm going to do it again. Am I a magnet for those guys who get off being pushy and forceful and can pat themselves on the back thinking I'm such a stud or Spec's infamous words I knew you'd like it because whichever way it's phrased or envisioned, it's about power and control and an ego boost and you, you, and you can go fuck somebody else. No means no, get it? Jesus I'm fucking angry and there it goes, I'm bringing it all down on myself.

Fuck him.

Um, how was your Labor Day?


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